Dump Truck Math for Kindergarteners

Learning basic math concepts, like addition and subtraction, one can only play with counting bears so many times before it's time for things to get a little more exciting.

And when I say exciting, let's remember that we are trying to heighten the enthusiasm of a four-year-old. So, one day when we got tired of counting bears, we created...


It works like this:

"One dump truck carried a rock to the construction site, and another dumptruck brought another rock. How many rocks are at the construction site?"

"What if each dump truck brings two rocks?"

Three? Four?

"What if there are 10 rocks and a dump truck comes and takes away three? How many rocks will there be?"

This gives the kids a chance to actually act out the story problems that they are solving, plus they get to play with dump trucks and rocks. Always a good time.

I imagine that as the year goes on and Chobie gets better at math, we can make more complicated scenarios to act out, like:

If a crew needs 10 more rocks to finish the cellar for the house they are building, and two dump trucks are coming, how many rocks should be in each dump truck to make 10 rocks all together?

What kind of creative ideas have you used lately to help your kids learn?

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