Lately...Week Four

this week I've been...

remembering to sleep enough
trying to catch up on yard work
cooking the bare minimum
reading too many articles online
wanting to avoid packing
creating a gift for a friend
playing toss
deciding that I really can't avoid packing any more
wishing that the good fairy would come and move for me
planning out the packing and moving schedule
wondering how I can juggle moving, homeschooling, and enjoying summer 
loving my little people
listening to Chobie sing the songs we've been singing together
needing boxes
wearing shorts everyday
noticing how many half-finished projects have accumulated around here
exploring new places to take the littles to play
thinking of things I want to write about
getting back in shape
feeling happy

gratitude for...
Bee's new spooky monster imitation 
ripe Salal berries
local broccoli 
the easiest round of house hunting ever
good novels
summer festivals
day time moon sightings
Bee's fascination with the moon
living walking distance from town (for now)
having ice on demand when its hot
homegrown garlic

links to enjoy...
I liked this article about ways to help your child listen, especially because it turns the focus back on us as parents.
I've been fantasizing about doing this for our new place.
And making these.
I've always wanted to host a party featuring vintage foods, I found this page of perfect appetizers
Not included in this weeks update above, I've spent a bit too much time oggling this feature on one of the latest and greatest blogs I've started following.

How was your week?

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  1. Love your lists. What a wonderful idea. Gratitude is a miracle worker changing hearts and lives. Love it!

  2. Thanks!!! It does feel good to write these...

  3. Thank you so much for the linky love!

    e-Mom @ Susannah's Kitchen


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