Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our Morning Homeschool Routine

My weekly homeschool update posts tend to feature the highlights of our homeschooling week, but I realize that I've yet to share the daily homeschooling activities that we do.

In the mornings, usually around 9:30 after breakfast and chores and whatnot, we have our morning
"circle" (technically a triangle I guess, since there's only three of us). It starts with this little adaptation of the classic Waldorf verse:

Good morning dear earth
Good morning dear sun
Good morning dear trees
And the flowers every one

Good morning dear animals
And the birds in the trees
Good morning to you
And good morning to me

Then we do a song and a verse. I started with doing a new one every week, but since we only do this 2-4 times a week, it wasn't enough for Chobie to really learn them, so I started on a two week cycle and that is working much better. The KCLS website hosts an excellent selection of fingerplays and kids verses that we've used a lot of. Shea Darian's Seven Times the Sun, (affiliate link) has also been a really good source. We also just got a copy of Sing a Song of the Seasons (affiliate link) and we are starting to use those songs too.

Afterwards we talk about what day it is. We look at the phase of the moon and where we are on the wheel of the year.

This month, we added in a regular calendar

and we've also been looking at the clock and practicing telling time, since Chobie has been expressing a big interest in telling time. I don't think that I learned to do that until about second grade, so I hadn't really planned to introduce it yet. But Chobie was enthusiastic about it, so I've incorporated it.

Next, we read our books, usually based on the theme or season. Then we talk about our letters for the week, he has a chance to trace them on the board and then we move on to play some letter and number games like counting or spelling puzzles or play with math manipulatives.

If Chobie is still interested, then he reads his Bob books to me.

By then, it's usually time for a snack, then I set the littles up with an art project, if we're doing one.

The rest of our homeschooling adventures tend to happen in the afternoons and a lot of it blends together with our daily life. The littles help with chores and cooking, we go on walks or work in the garden. Or they just play while I work on projects. Sometimes they come to "help" me sew...All of this stuff seems mundane, but I think they learn just as much from it as they do from our more structured educational activities.

What is your homeschool routine like? 

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