Kids Book Review: Come to the Fairies' Ball

As I mentioned in my previous post, we've been reading a lot lately. It's been a hot summer (hot for Western Washington, anyway) so during the afternoons, I usually feel like melting onto the floor with a pile of books. One of our favorites has been Come to the Fairies' Ball by Jane Yolen illustrated by Gary Lippincott.

This story is like a whimsical Cinderella, where Cinderella is more empowered. There is no fairy godmother, because she is a fairy herself. She makes her own dress and when the prince falls in love it's because he sees her and her creative work. I think this sends a much better message about appreciating the expression of inner beauty than the original story.

Romance aside, though, this book still has is a fun read as you watch all of the fairies adorned in their finest mount their varied forms of woodland transport on the way to the ball. Gary Lippincott's illustrations are exquisite. I'd probably get this book to look at the illustrations even without kids to enjoy it with.

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What have you been reading lately?

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