Weekend Update: Baby Names and Blessingways

It's been a busy weekend so far, and I'm not even half-way through!  We're getting major progress made on cleaning up the property.  We made what seems like the semi-final trip to the dump.  I don't know if I've already mentioned how much trash was here when we moved in, but it was SOOO MUCH!  And we've been charged with the clean up of said trash, which is almost finished!  We, or rather our very generous friends who came down from Seattle to help us with our workload, also took about a year and a half's worth of glass recycling in too.  (Our garbage service didn't have glass recycling as an option).   We got some packing done (half of Ami's 70-year collection of National Geographics, which btw is definately in our top three craigslist scores of all time-- they were free!) and reconstructed a load of cardboard boxes too. 

This was all before heading off to my friend/classmate from midwifery school's blessingway.  It was a really lovely party where I got a chance to catch up with some mama friends I haven't seen in a while, one of whom is also pregnant with almost the exact same due date as me...so exciting!  It really made me realize how easy it is for me to get sucked into my little zone out here and neglect the friendships I have with all kinds of amazing, beautiful, fun, inspiring people...especially lately with moving.  So my social life needs more attention (I'm wondering if there is some sort of astrological explanation in my chart for this so I could get some more insight...) but anyhoo, back to the blessingway...I proceeded to get completely trashed on chocolate cake and icecream sundae (also with chocolate) and a chocolate covered strawberry.  The amount of cake I ate was only about 1" by 2" and the sundae was also tiny.  But since I've been pregnant I've had a sugar aversion in general and lately, because I feel like my bodily flora is a tad on the yeasty end of the spectrum and also because I just like having consistent levels of energy and blood sugar, I've been avoiding sugar. I haven't had any caffeine either since I was about 5 weeks pregnant (well, except for the occasional nibble of chocolate)...but the point is that tiny amount of dessert was way too much for me to handle.  I felt totally buzzed, I feel kind of ridiculous :)

With the crazy weekend I've had so far, I would think I needed some sleep at this early hour (I woke up at about 4am and couldn't get back to sleep).  But I'm up and going, excited for another day of packing, cleaning and, if I'm lucky, a bit of extra time to do some crafting...the thing that really got me out of bed though was realizing that I still have a whole list of baby name possibilities to work on (I know, this is ridiculous.  This is not really a good reason for a pregnant mama of a toddler to get out of bed in the morning after just 6 hours, but I really couldn't get back to sleep after I started thinking about this).  I've already compiled a list of about 43 potential girl's names for Ami and I to review together.  I was kind of surprised to find that a lot of the names I liked for this list were derived from Mary, which is not really one of my favorite names.  Hmmmm....but it does mean "star of the sea" which I like.  (I also found out last night that one of my pregnant mama friends (the one who's blessingway it was) has chosen a Mary derived named for her baby if it's a girl.)  We have kept our naming process pretty private in the past, which I still pretty much intend to do (no one outside of our sweet little family unit will know the name until this baby is earthside) but since this is such a long list, and may or may not include the name I'll share it here:

1) Raina
2) Roxanne
3) Riona
4) Magdaline
5) Mairin
6) Mai
7) Macaria
8) Malina
9) Marika
10) Maribel/Maribella
11) Maura
12) Melia
13) Mayra
14) Meriona
15) Mia
16) Mirabel
17) Moira
18) Muriel
19) Morgan
20) Mia
21) Mila
22) Myra
23) Morela
24) Sariah
25) Saskia
26) Samara
27) Sibyl
28) Solana
29) Sirena
30) Siria
31) Althea
32) Amara
33) Angelica
34) Ania
35) Anwen
36) Annalisa
37) Artemesia
38) Aubree
39) Camilla
40) Cassia
41) Korina
42) Kyra
43) Epona

 Now, to work on the list of boy names...


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