Monday, May 14, 2012

The Past Week- Update

We are moving in just two weeks!  I can't believe how fast this is going.  I'm 19w6d pregnant today...I can't believe how fast that's going! 

projects update:  I have always been notorious for overestimating my production capability, but lately I've really been hoping to get a lot of my the projects that I planned to do during pregnancy done since the second trimester is known for being the easiest most energetic time of pregnancy.  Things that I think should take a week, or less, end up taking way more time.  I have a couple of toy projects in the works that I'm going on the third week of working on.  humph.

pregnancy update: my belly feels like it's gotten HUGE over the past two weeks. I've been thinking about the birth a lot more lately.  i'm still months away, but it is coming up spontaneously in my thoughts and dreams so I'm letting myself go there.  A lot has been coming up about the possibility of an unassisted birth.  Not in the sense of actually planning one because I really want a midwife, but our new place is kind of out there so I just feel like if things go fast I should really be ready.  And really, that's something that they say all pregnant women should be aware of because you never know how fast your labor will go.  I've had a couple of dreams where I birthed unassisted, but I don't know if I should interpret this literally, or if its some kind of psychological processing about me fully coming into the awareness of my body's innate ability to give birth and that whoever is there to support me, no matter how much I love them and connect with them (ami, midwife, doula...) I am the one birthing this baby.  I think maybe last time I was relying too much on cues or official progress reports from my midwife rather than just being in tune with my own body's process and my body's progress signals.  Although at the same time, at Chobe's birth I had never done it before so I don't have the same experience base for understanding my body's signals not that I think that I couldn't have without previous experience, but maybe my dreams are just affriming and reminding me to trust and listen to them in a different way.

the move:  The garbage is on it's way out!  All of the piles of old plastic junk, dysfunctional tarps, rotting furniture, tires, etc. etc. that we inheirited when we moved in are shrinking rapidly.  WOOO HOOO!  This week I start packing.

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