Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Productive Week!

Hooray for last week!  Of course and as usual I meant to do this on Sat or Sun, but we actually had another crazy, busy weekend (yes, for the 8th time in a row!).  But I finally finished the little legwarmers!  They were done on Sunday.

Next I started a couple of Mei Tai carriers made from this pattern.  I made a regular sized one for me and then a little one for Chobe based off of the same pattern.  I did his with a 10" by 12" middle section (including seam allowance) with 36" x 4" straps (folded in half with 1/2" seams).  For the waist strap I cut the strap in half and sewed it to each side of the bottom of the middle section (different than for the adult one, which would compromise the structural integrity of the carrier for carrying an actual baby rather than a doll).   Anyway, I finished these about Thursday.  Chobe loved his and wanted to put it on with his baby right away.  We tried it out at the Co-op over the weekend.  He was so cute pushing arount his tiny shopping cart (he loves when stores have those) with his baby strapped on. 

Then I started a little gnome style pink and blue hat for the new little one.  But it mutated into something atrocious midway through so I had to do a lot of unknitting on that one.  Then reknitting, so it's still a work in progress.

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