Nutritive Tea Blends for Pregnancy and Life

There are a lot of nutritive, supportive herbs out there that are beneficial to the pregnant body.  Here are some ideas for nutritive tea blends that give tasty combinations (although I'm not a magician, they still taste like herbs and not juice) and some ideas for blends to support some of the different states of pregnancy.  These blends are also helpful for lactating mamas, and really anyone who is looking to nurture their bodies by increasing their intake of minerals and phytonutrients.

Nutritive Blend I
Raspberry Leaf
Red Clover Flowers
Burdock Root

This is very "green" tasting.  I like it that way, but milk, honey and maybe even some chai spices (licorice or fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger) can be added to improve flavor.

Calming Blend
Catnip (optional, for stronger brew)

Passionflower or motherwort can be used in place of catnip to change the strength and quality of the tea, but both of these herbs brew a bitter tea.

Nutritive Blend II
Dandelion Root
Red Clover Flowers
Rose Hips
Mint or Ginger

This may generally be more palatable, especially with the hibiscus and mint or ginger.  The hibiscus and rose hips are high in vitamin C, which favors iron absorption from the green herbs whereas the first nutritive tea recipe contains iron as well, but the calcium from the green herbs is more likely to be absorbed in greater quantity from Nutritive Blend I.

Tasty Herbal Blend
Rooibus (also called Red Tea)
Dried Orange peel


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