Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting Nerdy

I've been wanting to post for the last couple days, but I've realized that the topic I want to write about is something that is going to be a lot more than one post worth of materials. It may even turn into a whole subsection about (drumroll) nurition in pregnancy Weston A. Price style! and some of the potentially deleterious effects of soy that deserve more attention especially those issues associated with reproduction, pregnancy, and infants/children. The Weston A Price thing is mostly my own dorkiness that I thought I would share if anyone is interested. But I think that the soy thing is more of a developing agenda on my behalf, especially as I embark on my journey to serve pregnant/postpartum women and families. I thought that soy was a health food and consumed it liberally and really felt great. But as my tastes shifted I stopped eating it, but still didn't give much thought to people who say that soy is not a health food. I conceded that many are allergic and that it may not be the right food for everyone...but now that I've looked into it more it seems like there is a lot of information out there about how it actually interacts with our human biochemistry that is really concerning. I'm really wanting to come at this with a very open mind and to always respect people's own wisdom in choosing the best diet for their bodies. It just seems like something that deserves a closer look. So I've been dorking out on that a lot and I'm excited to blog about it. But really the most exciting thing for me is what these posts are going to be called, "So we can make perfect babies!" This is a quote is from Weston A. Price's research that paraphrases the reason why the people who ate the (admittedly sometimes funky (by Western standards anyway)) traditional diets that they did.

Let me say that again...

"So we can make perfect babies!"

Doesn't that make your heart melt? Isn't that the best reason for doing anything ever? I think so. (Let me add that I also think there are lots of ways to make perfect babies...about as many as there are families...I just really like this quote because it inspires me to do challenging things like drink powdered clay and eat liver, and may be (hopefully) similarly inspiring for people who have similar nutritional inclinations as myself).

Ok everyone look forward to lots of nerdy nutrition posts at some point in the future!

Lots of Weston A Price references here, if you don't know who that is or what I'm talking about this link may be helpful:

But if you don't want to follow the link heres a little background on dear Weston: He was a dentist who noticed a marked decline in the quality of children's dental health during the time of transition to an industrial food supply. He and his wife traveled the world to try to find people in perfect health (especially dental health, and that were free from chronic and degenerative disease). They found lots of healthy people and analyzed their diets then he wrote a book called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration which many people got excited about and started a Weston A Price foundation (see link above) to celebrate butter!--spring time pasture butter that is! (ok the butter part is just a joke, mostly).

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  1. I enjoy celebrating butter. I celebrate butter everyday by putting on practically everything I eat.
    I had checked out Nutrition and Physical Degeneration about a year a ago but I returned it without even giving it a quick skim through, but I am inspired to check it out once more. This time I'm gonna read it.