Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've been thinking about starting this blog FOREVER! In fact, I've been taking step by step pictures of projects I've been doing for the last nine months thinking that I would start blogging soon and put them up to share. At last I'm getting this started.

So let's begin with some introductions:

la mama: First and foremost you should know me as (or think of me as if you for some reason are reading this, which you are welcome to do, and do not actually know me in person) a nerd. In fact, I belong to an exclusive and highly esteemed (joking) order of nerds known as the Thrall family sisters. I love to dig for information and read extensively about any and all things that I'm interested in doing or speculating about. I'm into making things, especially things that are practical (shine on virgo sun), doing things in a natural kind of short I aspire toward a handmade life, hence the title. Although the title is actually a metaphor borrowed from Clarissa Pinkola Este's book Women Who Run With the Wolves and not some ungrounded dogmatism or handcrafty fanaticism....Anyhoo, enough of that tanget. I am a student midwife of sorts. Perhaps student wisewoman is a better way of putting it. I'm currently focused on midwifery and the childbearing continuum, but I'm also passionate about psycho-spiritual-somatic-emotional healing and holistic homebased earthbased education. WOO!

el bebe: is about 16 months as we begin and is just learning how to waddle around like a little drunken hollerizing grimlin.

la homestead: 4.5 acres of pasture and forest. currently home to my first earnest attempt at a vegetable garden (currently inhabited by struggling cover crops as we shall see), 11 chickens, 4 sheep, 3 cats, 2 peahens, 2 flemish giant rabbits, my mini pro-biotics farm, fruit trees and berries, and a lovely assortment of wild flora and fauna including coyote, raven, huckleberry, wild strawberry, cedar, douglas fir, st. joans wort, wild strawberry, oregon grape, yarrow, dandelion, chickarees....and SO many more. Future home of Hermie, my dream dog. Also future home for more chickens and some ducks, probably more rabbits, maybe a worm farm...Certainly more medicinal and edible plants will be invited to join us!

vision de blog!
I'm hoping to share a lot of the projects I do, some of the thoughts and reflections that come along, and just keep some distant family (and maybe even friends) updated on the goings on in my world. Maybe even some unknown distant internet surfers will find their way here to be entertained or inspired by my little posts. I feel like I'm juggling so many projects and interests all the time!

Here's some kind of listing of prospective topics: garden stuff and food cultivation, fermentation projects, good times with animals, natural pregnancy, natural birth, natural parenting, holistic education, holistic healing, holistic anything (really), fiber arts, other art projects, permie culture style things, clothing making, speculations about how to become a better human more consciously integrated into my community and landbase; possible speculations about extraterrestials, ancient civilizations, and the nature of the universe (what fun!); potential book reviews especially of fantasy novels....ok maybe thats a good enough list for now. Another major reason for writing this is that I am just wanting to WRITE somewhere other than my journal where there is some possibility that someone might appreciate it (I'm looking at you Joy!).


  1. woo hoo! yoogieblog! i'm excited to read about your goings on! the farm is getting so big! yikes :) i'm gonna try a batch of ginger champagne for yule (well, technically sparkling ginger wine since it's not made in the Champagne region of france with champagne grapes). i got the recipe out of Wild Fermentation. i love you!! :)

  2. Boogie! I love your blog! I'm going to start a sewing/quilting blog pretty soon I think. What kinds of fabrics are acceptable for a snurgle quilt? Only organic? Repurposed OK? This is of course in the hypothetical future due to an existing overabundance of fabric for quilts to make for yours truly. BTW, you write with such incredible voice. You're seriously one of the best writers I've read. I'm reading a book about writing with voice for my next class b-t-dub.

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  4. Gee guys! Thanks for the love! Can't wait to sip some technical sparkling wine wrapped up in quilts!