Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farewell to you, Tina the Llama

XT loves to bring animals in the house. This is him with Tina in the house the day that she went to her new (happier) home.

She actually left our place a while ago, but I wanted to post this picture because I think it's AMAZING!

In other news, spring is coming ( case you haven't noticed that or are in the process of becoming uncryogenically frozen or something) so I've been trying to pop into action and get on top of all the late winter/early spring projects that I've been wanting to do. Today XT and I finished up pruning the pear tree, and I did some pruning on the apple tree too. Pretty major cuts since they were so overgrown when we moved in. We'll see how much fruit we end up getting this year. I also spent a minute digging through a pile of scrap wood sorting it into project piles as my first step toward making a couple of cold frames and a new drawdrerry (known by most others as "strawberry") bed.

What I haven't done today is study. Last week I did so much reading that my brain kind of short circuted so I'm telling myself that this is just a break from the intensity, but by now its been about four days since I've really hit the books. I've definately been learning some really amazing stuff about women's health, pregnancy, healing and all that other stuff I like so much. I'm wanting to do a post about one of those topics soon, so stay tuned. I'm not quite up for it today. But please do scroll back up and enjoy the tina in the house picture one more time.

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