Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Works in Progress

Wow, there are so many projects that I'm in the middle of right now.  I usually wait until something is completed to post about it.  But, like I said, I'm in the middle of several different sets of projects right now.  I've been working on a pair of legwarmers and little monkey toy for one of my pregnant friends.  I have a bunch of contrast block pattern pieces cut out for my soon-to-emerge little one, and probably someone else's too since I accidentally doubled the pattern.  And I've been working on some quick little gnome and fairy toys for Chobe.  But these have been anything but quick.  I really wanted to make something small and simple, but to try to make something human-like has been a new crochet experience.  It's quite the engaging project for me though, since the only crocheted toys I've done have been animal patterns from a book or super-simple (crocheted balls).  So I've completed two different prototypes.  Well, completed is a bit of a stretch.  For one I spent a whole day making a head for a fairy and in the end, decided it looked way too much like a fashion doll for 7-year-old girls than the simple little woodland creatures that I had imagined taking out into the woods with Chobe for imaginative play.  The next one is still a set of parts- a complete set this time, but still a bit more complicated than I want it to be.   I stopped working on these guys though to get the baby gift I mentioned done.  I'm on the verge of finishing the monkey with just the ears and sewing the parts together to completion.  So here's some project previews:

adding hair to fashion fairy head

finished abandoned fairy prototype

patterns for contrast blocks

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