Handmade Goods V: Baby Blocks

Here's my latest project: homemade cloth baby blocks.  They say newborns love contrast and symmetry!  I also did funky inside out style seams, really mostly because it would be easier to avoid handsewing after stuffing, but I also like how the contrasting black thread adds more, well, contrast.

First I got out some newsprint and made the block face patterns, all 3 1/2" squares.

Then I made the patterns for the images:

Cutting, cutting, cutting...

Then the sewing began.  This was quite time consuming!  I did a zig-zag stitch around the edge of each shape, centered on the block faces.

Edges are sewn together with zig-zag at the very edge and then a straight stitch just beneath for structural reinforcement.  This series of photos shows how the pieces are sewn together to get a cube/block shape.

When all edges except for the last one are sewn, then stuff.

Then sew the final edge while pulling the stuffing away from the seam and pressing the giant mass of block down to fit through the machine.



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