Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggs and other News

I have really been wanting to do some kind of posting lately, but with the impending move, all the cool homesteady, crafty type projects I like to post about are on hold, or progressing at a slugs pace. I'm working on a tiny pair of legwarmers for the new little one because, I do love Ergos, but they make the poor tyke's pants ride up and chill the little leggies every time! Naturally leg warmers are the perfect solution, fashionable (at least according to my version of this seasons' hottest items...well no, legwarmers are acutally perineals) and functional. Unfortunately I selected tiny yarn and tiny needles (sock weight) so this project is coming along about as quickly as if I were knitting a full sweater with your average sized yarn.
Chobe just dyed easter egss for the first time. I was surprised that he stayed interested for a good amount of time and got quite a few eggs done. As usual when the camera came out for photodocumentation, it was all down hill from there (camera is ALWAYS more interesting). He seemed to find it interesting enough. I LOVED it!
Grandma and Chobie:
Mama and chobie:
Because we haven't really celebrated easter before, we don't watch TV, we don't have any books about it, and we generally don't spend a lot of time in stores (or in the parts of stores) with a lot of holiday hype (interestingly the natural foods section is somehow always spared...) Chobe doesn't have much of a point of reference for Easter. So I've been drawing pictures for him about it. I really like drawing pictures and telling him about them as I draw as a way to introduce him to new things or prepare him for big events and transitions that are coming up. I'm pretty sure its a Waldorf-inspired concept to use a lot of adult drawn pictures to faciliate learning (I think it's Waldorf, hard to keep track with all of different alternative/holistic development and education philosophies I studied...) except I think with Waldorf the pictures are more for elementary aged kids and are more whimsical and less practical than what I do. Anyway, what I like about it so much is that he always asks me to draw pictures over again. Repitition is so important for his age so I feel like it's getting through to him way more than just telling him about it since it's much more rare for him to ask me to repeat the things I say.
And finally, in the pregnancy news department....I think it's safe to say that my nausea has completely vanished! HOORAY! HUZZAH! WOOO HOOOO! *And* I think I'm starting to feel little tiny baby kicks. This time its a lot more like the "fluttering" sensation I hear people talking about than the tumbling movements that chobe was doing. Ahhh...its so sweet. I have yet to take my first pregnancy photo and I'm still debating about if I want to put them on the blog...I probably will because then I'll have a good excuse to post things since the only really consistent thing I'm doing lately is growing a new baby. :)

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