Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Learning at the Spring Fair

On Friday, we took a trip with Grandma and Grandpa to the local Spring Fair. Friday is normally one of our homeschool days, and the fair had lots of learning opportunities for little people, especially in the agricultural/homesteading department. So you know, it was just our style.

There were lots of animals to see. Bee is checking out the alpaca and a turkey (yes, that's what the gray blob in the corner is). I'll admit that seeing all the animals gave me a pang of nostalgia for the good old days of critter ranching. This most recent incarnation of the Flapjack Homestead has but a few fowl. That time will come again though, I'm sure. Now that Bee is older, I'm thinking that it's actually quite near. Raising livestock is a life skill after all, it's central to the kids' education. 

Oh my, that was a bit of a tangent. Back to the fair...

 What could be more fun than stomping around in a sandbox full of corn. Plus, dump trucks! I suppose the educational sign on the wall behind the exhibit that explained all the diverse uses of corn in industry made it feel more like school, but hey, this is how the littlest learners get started.

Chobie had a chance to brush a (pretend) horse. Earlier in the week, we read a great Gail Gibbons book about horses that talked about their grooming needs. This was a great hands on application. 

Then there was the milking cow. The udders are latex and it's filled with water, so the kids actually got to squeeze the "milk" out into the bucket below. While this is different that acutal milking, since any squeeze technique would work, it was still fun. 

 Pedal powered mini-tractors to ride? Yes please. Both little guys loved this!

And of course, there were lots of rides to enjoy. Grandma is a big ride enthusiast, so we actually spent a lot of the day on the rides. I just didn't have as many good pictures of these.

That was our day at the fair.

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