Saturday, November 8, 2014

Homeschool Update: Kindergarten Continues

I remember being in kindergarten, back when it was really just a half day for everyone. My best memory is of playing with some beans at my desk.

Yep. Not some cool art project, or a field trip, just the simple pleasure of dried lima beans and a wooden desk.

Now I'm helping my kiddo create some kindergarten memories of his own, without the least so far.

Immersion in nature is one of the biggest priorities of our homeschooling methods. Just like last year for preschool, we do a lot of talking about the seasons, where we are with our wheel of the year. We use our waldorf style nature table. We go on nature walks and sit on the porch watching and listening to the woods behind our house when we need shelter from the rentless fall rain showers of Western Washington.

We also do a lot of art projects.

I'll admit that this keeps getting edged out since this year it's officially kindergarten and all the reading and writing stuff feels even more important than it did last year.

So there's letter writing and number making. We're still plugging along with our Bob Books and working off of a literature based math activity book to reinforce Chobie's number sense and early math concepts, like making and recognizing patterns.

So it continues. I wish that I had some deep insights to share, or kindergarten life hacks to magically make your kid two years ahead of her peers and simultaneously reorganize and galmorize your learning space. Instead I'll leave you with this list of links to projects and resources that we've used recently...

 These free printables from In Lieu of Preschool to go along with our Bob Books. We've been using these for the past week and they are awesome. It's fun to change it up from just reading and re-reading the books over and over. We used this dough recipe from Buggy and Buddy with the word mats in the printable packet.

We've been practicing our sign language with these printables. I've had this clip art pinned for a while that could also be helpful for making sign language learning tools.

How are your learning at home adventures going? 

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