Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's a milestone in the development of my little 2-year-old! As of yesterday he has begun answering (some) questions with "yeah!" instead of the constant "NO!" For example:
Chobe's on the floor playing with some random kitchen items (rolling pin, pitcher, some pots...)
me: "hey, what are you making over there?"
chobe: "NO!"
me: "are you making chicken?"
chobe: "NO!"
me: "are you making sauce?"
chobe: "NO!"
me: "are you making cookies?"
chobe: "yeah."
We've still got a long way to go before the "no" phase ends, but as of now THE END IS IN SIGHT! hooray! and as a little commentary to the above example I should say that chobe is famous around here for making "sauce and chicken" in his little kitchen setup then calling us to the table "Time-a-eat-um-a-sauce and chicken!"
I'm also going to take this little posting moment to introduce this years flock of new chicks. They're about two weeks old at the point, the photo was taken about a week ago.
Happy sping time!

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