Monday, January 23, 2012

A Return to Blogging?

I've been thinking about getting back on the blog train lately. Last years insane schedule of constant commuting into the big city for class with all the study time on top of that really overtook any energy I had at the time for writing posts. But with that out of the way this year...I've been working on some projects and missing the aspect of taking pictures to blog with. True, I haven't really posted many of the projects that I've done, but I do consistently take pictures of them as I go.
For example, during the Christmas season Chobe and I made some "cookies." They are actually salt dough with food coloring because I'm one of those mean mamas that doesn't let her child actually eat sugar (well, refined sugar anyway).
So there he is mixing dough...
Decorating cookies with little beads (and cinnamon, which was supposed to just go in the dough to make it smell good, but he thought it would be good on top of the cookies).

And this is a picture that Chobe actually managed to take of me working on the cookies. Once the camera came

out it quickly became more interesting than the project at hand, as per usual. I do think that this time around he may have been trying to take pics of our project though because he's gotten so used to me doing it.

The recipe for the salt dough is something like:

1 part flour

1/2 part salt

1 to 1 1/2 parts water

Food coloring, spices, flavor extracts as desired

It can be baked in the oven at about 375. Baking times would vary depending on the size of your um, work. It tends to bubble a lot when baked. A lot of the beads that we decorated with were pushed up out of the cookies by the bubbles that formed in the oven. It was a good time anyway.

I'm working on some more recycled sweater fashions for Chobe as we prepare for our next voyage to New Mexico at the end of February. So, coming soon...epic recycled sweater baby clothing post!

Ok, that's about it for now I guess. We'll see how long this bout of blogging lasts for. I do have to confess that I am kind of addicted to formal education so who knows how long before I'll be back in school and on blogging hiatus once more.

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