Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garden Time

Here's a bit of a summary of my gardening efforts for the last month or so. The lovely photo on the left shows my garden plan. It's got a lot going on and very small text, but what it shows is a year-round planting scheme that is focused on the veggies that my family eats the most: garlic, kale, beets, squash. And for some variety and permieness (permie as in "Permieculture" aka permaculture) I've added an edible flower/insectory (meaning to attract "beneficial" insects and repel "non-benefecials") in the middle of the garden. ♥

This here picture is the garden at the beginning of this month, before the sheep got in and without my new cold frame (see below) in place. The far right bed in the foreground is home to my garlic babies, oooooh, so precious. Off to the left in the background you can kind of see where the magnificently-delicious-berries grow. I think they're boysenberries or something like that but I don't know for sure...

So far I have planted some lettuce (in my cold frame, hooray!), snow peas, snap peas, spinach and purslane. If I have my way I'll be out today poking some carrots and radishes into the ground. I've been dreaming of gardening like this for YEARS now. Oh fa la la! My dreams are coming true! Here's a picture of my cold frame:

Happy Spring!

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